Then Comes Baby

I figured since I have some pretty life changing news, It would be best to let you all know about it! I'm having a BABY! A baby girl. I'm actually due Aug 3rd so I've got only 3 weeks to go. The hubs and i are excited beyond words. Excited for her to be here and really excited to have my body back. Its been a ROUGH 8.5 months. Emotionally and physically... but i would do it all over again for this little one. I thought id share with you some photos throughout the entire process...this beautifully and challenging life changing process. 

This photo was taken 5 mins after we got the news. I'm surprised that the image is clear because I was sooo shaky and in shock after seeing that + sign. I know you all want to know so here it is...Yes, we were trying but no, we didn't expect to get pregnant that soon. We were both in denial until the next day after taking two more tests. I was only 3 weeks along when I found you can imagine the long journey ahead.

After 3 long months kirk and I were finally able to share the news with everyone. I say long because I was beyond sick. When I say sick...I mean SICK! Stuck in bed for 3 months kinda sick. Anything and everything made me nauseous...not to mention the exhaustion was out of this world. This all went on till I hit about 17 weeks. 

At 16 weeks we were able to find out the gender. Every wives tale told me that we were having a boy but I just knew that it was a little girl. My husband claims he knew it too. Poor daddy is going to be out numbered here pretty soon. 

The bump from 17 weeks and on.

In every one of these pictures I felt huge haha... The fourth or fifth picture in I started to get stretch marks and for me thats been one of the hardest parts of pregnancy...seeing your body change tremendously can be depressing. I can honestly say that when they started to form I would cry every time I looked down at them...Than one day it just hit me after reading this quote. 

"A mark for every breath you took, every blink, every sleepy yawn. One for every time you sucked your thumb, waved hello, closed your eyes and slept in the most perfect darkness. One for every time you had the hiccups. One for every dream you dreamed within me. It isn't very pretty anymore. Some may even think it's ugly. That's OK. It was your home. It held you until my arms could, and for that I will always find something beautiful in it."     
-Cassie Fox

It's amazing how that one quote could change my entire outlook. My body is doing something incredible. Something that so many womens bodies arent able to do.